The compilation of rare collectibles is no recent phenomenon, it has been happening for centuries. And while several people doing for entirely recreational reasons there are others who do it for the sake of making money out of it. Collectibles are rather difficult to come across and at times you might never find what you’ve been looking for for years. Regardless of what people might do it for collectibles still are old treasures from the olden days that remind us of what it used to be like back then.

A collectible is an item that is sought after because of its uniqueness; rarity and age. Common collectibles you will find in high demand are old coins; cars; juke boxes; coins; flags; and even TV’s. Such items are usually from a long time ago and have become prized possession because of that.

On the basis of valuation the test to decide the value of a collectible depends on a lot of factors. To start with age is very significant when it comes to valuing. The older the collectible is the more valuable it is and the more money someone can sell or buy it for. On the other hand rarity is another factor; the harder the item is to find the more value it has. Other factors that are taken into account are: quality despite age; the process involved in getting it; hard rumours of myth and mystery and authenticity.

By now you’re probably wondering where you can go in order to purchase a rare collectible you’re very fond of. The best possible place to get collectibles is the garage sales of old timers in their 80′s and 90′s. This is mainly because they were alive when some of the most important discoveries and inventions were a popular feature in society. If you’re looking to purchase an antique that’s in another country then your best shot would be the internet, online auctions exist.

A piece of recommendation would be: do enough research on your sources as some people are not genuine and can cheat you of your hard earned cash. When you decide to buy one be sure to go with a leading expert or investigate yourself. And if you’re trying to sell one, the key is to keep the collectible clean and in good physical shape.

One last thing: the range of rare collectibles includes the very first inventions and discoveries in the world. This means the first T. V’s; radios; telephones or Music LP’s will top the list of value.

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