Your infant could have a lengthy stay in the hospital and it may be especially far from where you live so you must pack for an extensive wait and have it ready several weeks in advance of your delivery. Other things that you should be ready for is seeing your new tiny infant with tubes and wires to supply oxygen and food in place. This can be demanding on a mother and you most likely will not be able to hold or comfort your baby for some time.

Your baby will have to to be breathing on her own previous to you are allowed to take her home from the hospital. Another requirement is about weight. Medical doctors like for the infant to be at least 5lbs. before recommending discharge; however, this can be waved if you are close to that weight and meet the other necessities.

As a premature child and not being in the womb full term your baby may not be able to control her body temperature. This is something that must be done as well previous to your baby can be released from the hospital. Your new premature baby will be placed in an incubator right after delivery and this will simulate the womb and keep the babies body temperature at the level he is used to. When your baby is finally doing well enough to keep his temperature constant then he will be moved to an open crib and you will be able to embrace and touch him.

A premature child will be fed by a feeding tube after delivery because their digestive system isn’t mature yet and they do not know how to suck a nipple. They have to learn how to not breath while feeding from a bottle. The premature baby must be taking all feedings by mouth before you leave the hospital because if they aren’t ready to do this they could expirate the food into their lungs.

Once all of these necessities are met their is only one other test to pass. That is the car seat test. Your infant will be placed in the car seat that you will use to transport her home and tested to make sure that her o2 level doesn’t drop or that she has any problems with the rhythm of her heart.

These are a few things to look forward to if you anticipate that you may be at risk for a premature delivery. You should pass this on to family and friends to make sure that everyone is ready for such an occasion.

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