Baby Advice – Tips to Help You Deal With a Crying Baby

All normal babies cry, different only in frequency and loudness. Crying is a form of communication for babies since they cannot express their feelings and needs in words. Babies cry when they are hungry, wet, too warm, too cold etc. They can be crying for attention too when they sense no one around. You may be surprise but they can be crying without a cause.

Since crying for babies is normal, why do we need to bother too much? Well, a baby can cry for a serious reason and so when your little one cry, it is the best baby advice is to attend to him or her at once.

Below are the tips to help you deal with a crying baby.

• One common reason is hunger. Newborn babies actually have an interval of around 2 hours in between two feedings. So if you have a record of the feeding times, you should more or less know whether your baby is hungry. Feed them with milk to satisfy their hunger.

• Clothes your baby is wearing may be too tight and uncomfortable. When clothes are too tight, it irritate the baby. Some babies have sensitive skin and uncomfortable clothing may cause rashes. So if you suspect that the clothing is too uncomfortable, it should be removed and changed to another set.

• Is the room your baby in too warm and stuffy? If it is, open the window to let the fresh air in and if necessary, turn on the fan. Let the air circulate and your baby should feel better.

• Is your baby feeling cold? During cold weather, make sure that your baby has enough warmth. If he or she is cold, cover him or her with a soft towel to keep warm.

• Another common reason is wet nappy. Clean and dry the affected area of your baby before putting on a dry nappy. Wet nappy should be changed immediately for hygiene reasons. It can be very common for baby to get nappy rash.

• Some babies actually sleep with their pacifiers. So one reason for them to cry is that they may have dropped their pacifier. Let them have the pacifier back.

• Babies may cry for attention. If this happen to your baby, you may try carrying him or her and pat the back gently. You may also stroke his or her head gently and sing softly to let him or her know that you are around. When the desire for attention is satisfied, your baby will stop crying.

• There are times when you cannot determine the reason. Carry your baby up and rock him or her gently in your arm. A piece of baby advice is that never ever shake your baby vigorously because by doing that, you can actually cause harm to his or her brain. Walk around in the room and speak softly to your baby to soothe him or her.

If your baby continues to cry even after all the above steps have been taken, he or she may be feeling unwell. Look out for symptoms to find out other possible causes.

• Feel you baby’s forehead to see if he or she is having a fever. Always keep a thermometer at home so that you can be sure if your baby is having a fever. If the body temperature is too high, consult the pediatrician immediately.

• Press your baby’s abdomen very gently and if he or she resist or twist and cry even louder, your baby is most probably suffering from colic; severe pain in the stomach or bowel. Seek the pediatrician’s help at once.

• Observe to see if there is any discharge from your baby’s nose. It can be coryza if there is some discharge. Consult the pediatrician because it can be serious if there is any accumulation of mucus in the windpipe. Consequences like pneumonia, asthmatic, bronchitis etc can be dangerous.

There are many other signs which you should be looking out for. The best baby advice is to get the pediatrician to examine your baby if he or she is crying nonstop. But of course before you seek any professional’s help, you may apply the above tips to help you deal with a crying baby.

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