Why choose Baby Mummy Time for Baby Massage?

Baby Mummy Time has been running Baby Massage classes since 2012 in Chester, and can now help with emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and post pregnancy, locally and online.

I have been an accredited Baby Massage and Baby Yoga (Chester) teacher for over eight years running classes that provide nurturing and fun times with your baby. My current Baby Massage workshops provide a unique opportunity for you and your little one to bond and spend quality nurturing time together in a relaxed calming warm homely environment. 

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Small Group Workshops in Upton, Chester UK for 3 to 6 peopleThis workshop is spread over 2 or 3 sessions and each session approx 1 hour 15 minutes in duration. These workshops run in very small groups to allow time for learning the baby massage routine at a gentle pace with your baby, time for feeding, time for chatting between parents, which can only happen in smaller groups, where there is no strict exit time. The setting is a warm cosy homely environment which is more suitable for very young babies. Plus you will receive a lovely cup of something warm (or cold) after the baby massage section.

Investment £35 per person


Private One to One Baby Massage Lesson for one or both parents in Chester or as an Online Live Webinar 

You will learn the whole baby massage routine in a very comfortable warm setting. Suitable for one parent/carer and your baby or a couple/other family members

Investment: £45

baby massage chester 

What are the benefits of Baby Massage?

  • Help develop your baby’s digestive, immune, circulatory and nervous
    systems from birth
  • Relax your baby and encourage good sleep
  • Reduce wind and settle colic
  • Encourage bonding and interaction
  • It is lovely and relaxing for both your baby and you!
  • These workshops are suitable from birth up to 5 months old
  • Ensures your baby has the very best start in life – mentally, physically and emotionally. Baby Massage will help your baby to sleep, aids relaxation, digestion, wind and constipation, encourages bonding, interaction and good sleep, helps growth and development and develops your baby’s first language: touch. 

Baby Massage (Chester) Bookings: E-MAIL ME NOW 


What else can you offer me?

Hypno-Birthing 1.5 hour Workshop (coming in 2020)  

On this workshop you will learn relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to assist you during pregnancy, labour and birth. A hypnosis relaxation and empowering recording will also be provided which can be listened too for the remainder of your pregnancy, and during labour and birth.  

A brief Baby Massage demonstration in this workshop will provide you with the tummy massage information, so you can begin developing your babies digestive system and assist with any trapped wind and discomfort from day 1 of your gorgeous baby entering the world. 

Partners are welcome at this workshop.   

(Workshops available in Chester UK and Via Webinar by request) 

Investment: £35 tbc 

Reiki Healing for your Little One.  

Reiki can help to relax and calm your baby, and can help with teething, colic, and sleep issues.

Investment: children & babies £25, adults £35

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Session for Hypno-Birthing and Emotional Wellbeing.

A Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy session during pregnancy can help you overcome your pregnancy, labour and birth fears and help you have a calmer pregnancy, a calmer labour and birth and help to reduce pain and any panic/stress. By having a personal session and a personal transformational recording done for you, you can start to overcome any fears, worries and stresses around pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.  Studies have shown that stress and worry can affect an unborn baby, so by overcoming negative fears and worries, you are not only helping yourself but your unborn baby too, then once you have given birth, your calmness and the self-hypnosis tool you will learn, is very likely to help your beautiful baby to sleep and feed better. Self-Hypnosis can then be done during labour, plus listening to your personal recording when you are able, are both such a powerful tools.  Young children learn everything from parents, family, their environment and later the school environment and the first 7 years of life is when the brain and the sub-conscious mind is developing – all their thoughts, patterns and behaviours. So if parents are unconfident, stressed, anxious and fearful around babies and young children, then this is how they will learn to be, this will be their belief system to play out into their adult lives!

21 Day Package Includes

  • A discussion about your fears and worries relating to pregnancy, labour and birth
  • A Self-Hypnosis Tool for your Birth and beyond
  • Approx 2 Hour Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Session
  • A Personalised relaxing healing empowering Hypnosis Recording where you will be given powerful positive suggestions and new beliefs personalised to you, to help you overcome any fears around pregnancy, labour and birth, which will leave you empowered, confident, aid relaxation, emotional wellbeing and calm.  This personalised transformational recording should then be listened to for 21 days following your RTT session and occasionally thereafter throughout pregnancy and during your labour and birth
  • 2 check-up support calls

(Available in Chester UK or any location Worldwide via Zoom Online. Please email babymummytime@gmail.com to organise your free discovery call)


Post-Natal Rapid Transformational Therapy Session

New parenthood can be an overwhelming time for some.   

Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck, like something is blocking you being able to get out more, get back to work, feel like your old self, launch a new business so you can be a stay at home parent ? Or perhaps being a stay at home parent for some time has knocked your confidence? 

Maybe you are suffering with imposter syndrome, which is when a person thinks they are a fraud, when one doubts their own abilities, accomplishments and experience. This can sometimes happen when it’s time to return to work after maternity leave, when it’s time to leave your precious baby in the care of others. 

Are you stuck in cycles of negative thinking?

Are fears and anxious thoughts clouding your day? 

Hormones all over the place?

Weight issues getting you down? 

Feeling like you are not a good enough parent? 

Feelings of not being enough? 

Lacking in self worth? 

Not able to easily ask for help?

Feel invisible?

Are you feeling anxious and stressed especially at leaving your baby and returning to work?

Suffering a lack of confidence?

Feeling overwhelming fears or worries?

Feeling low about lots of things?

If the answer is yes to any of those listed above, if any of that resonates with you, then please don’t be hard on yourself.  We have a habit of placing high expectations on ourselves as new parents, that we wouldn’t put on others.  

You can set yourself free and learn to love and accept yourself and when you do, life becomes much easier and happier. 

If you want to get to the root of what is going on and feel empowered again, then a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Session really will help you.

A session or two of Rapid Transformational Therapy will help you overcome this way of thinking and get you feeling confident, calm, motivated and ready to step into your power. 

21 Day Package Includes

  • Approx 2 hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Session
  • A Personalised relaxing healing empowering hypnosis recording where you will be given powerful positive suggestions and new beliefs personalised to you, which will leave you empowered and confident.  This personalised transformational recording is to be listened to for 21 days following your RTT session and occasionally thereafter
  • 2 Check-up Support calls post session

(Available in Chester UK or any location Worldwide via Zoom Online.  Please email babymummytime@gmail.com to organise your free discovery call) 


Personalised Transformational Hypnosis Recording 

A full Rapid Transformational Therapy session is recommended, however if this is not for you currently, then there is still help available via a Personalised Transformational Hypnosis Recording.  This needs to be listened to for 21 days as the mind learns by repitition, and this will install new positive powerful empowering suggestions, affirmations and praise into your subconscious, leaving you feeling empowered and confident, it’s like gifting your mind an upgrade, freeing you from critical or fearful thoughts and patterns.

(A questionnaire will need to be completed about your fears/worries/issue) 

Personalised Transformational Hypnosis Recording – Investment: £65 


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