Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas For First Time Parents

Your baby’s nursery is his first haven so it is important for you to decorate it in a manner that would be best for your baby. First time parents can sometimes go overboard while decorating their baby’s nursery but they have to remember that it should be pleasing and functional for the baby. At the same time they can do it according to their tastes. You can get loads of baby nursery decorating ideas online or from books, but you have to carefully zero in on those that best suit you and your baby. Generally, a separate room is chosen as a nursery, but if you plan to keep the baby in the same room with you, try decorating that special part of the room to suit your baby’s needs.

Paint the room with care as the color you choose might have a direct affect on your baby. Studies have shown that babies whose rooms are painted yellow cry more. But there are different shades of the color which you can choose. The furniture you choose for your baby’s nursery should be in keeping with baby’s safety. All sharp edges and nicks should be avoided or secured. The cot is an essential item of furniture, hence choose it with care. You might want to go for a cot bed so that your baby can use it till toddler stage too. A changing table is also important as you would need to change your baby’s clothes and nappies quite often. It will also help you arrange baby items and clothes in a tidy manner using baskets. A glider would be best for the nursery room as it will help you feed the baby and rock your munchkin to sleep.

You can choose a theme for your baby’s nursery too. It can be either decided on the basis of baby’s gender or you can choose any other theme of your liking such as ocean, stars, animals, or playhouse. Apart from the pink and blue hues, the bedding and bed sheets look cool in yellow, purple, and green too. The cot bumper can be chosen smartly so that it has stimulating designs on the inner surface for your newborn’s play time. The toys you select for the nursery should have high contrast in color shape and size. If you plan to buy a cot mobile, make sure it has two distinct colors and shapes. It must be removable as your baby would require soothing after periods of play and activity.

You can also choose to use your baby’s sense of smell to sooth her in the nursery. If you associate the smell of lavender or jasmine to the time when she goes to sleep, the smell will cause her to go to sleep. All you need to do is to keep a few potted plants on the windowsill of the nursery so that you can pluck a few leaves when required.

You can also decorate the nursery with your own creativity. If you are good at painting, then it would be a good idea to paint a few pictures matching with the bedding theme. Similarly, if you are good at embroidery, try a wall hanging to match the nursery theme. There are lots of ideas to pep up your nursery and make it a great place for your bundle of joy. All you have to do is to customize them to your needs.

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