Caring for Your Baby – Tips for the First Time Parent

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July 26, 2016

Having your first child is one of the most amazing experiences any parent could have. But if you don’t have any idea on how to care for your first born, here are some parenting newborn tips that can help you surpass all the first time jitters.

First things first, it is all about hygiene. Your hands should be clean all the time, so always wash it or apply hand sanitizer. Infections can happen to newborns as they have a very weak immune system, so keep things sanitary as much as possible. Caring for a sick infant is no joke.

Shaking a newborn is definitely a no-no. It doesn’t matter if you were only doing it just to make him smile. The sad truth is that these games can actually cause internal bleeding in the brain and could even result in death. To play with him, you could blow the baby’s cheek carefully or tickle his feet instead of shaking him.

Make sure that you always cradle and support the neck and head of your baby whenever you are holding him in a upright position or you are laying him on his back. When transporting your baby, be certain that he is secured properly in the carrier, stroller or car seat. You should steer clear of bouncy and dangerous activities for your child’s safety. Also, don’t shake your baby with his knees or throw him in the air like a toy.

From these basic tips, we also look at one of the most tedious tasks of parenting, which is diapering. For this, you will always need clean diapers, fasteners (if cloth is used), diaper rash ointment, container with warm water, and something to clean them with like wipes, wash cloth or even cotton balls.

When your baby wets or poops, lay him on his back and remove the dirty diaper immediately. Then wipe your baby’s private areas with a moist wash cloth, baby wipes or wet cotton balls. If you have a baby boy, slowly remove the diaper since this allows him to pee. If you have a baby girl, always clean both sides of her bottom to prevent urinary tract infection. Also, apply rash ointment whenever necessary. Replace the dirty diapers with new ones and then wash your hands afterward.

Avoiding rashes is easy if you make sure that you do the following tips. One, always change your baby’s diaper after each bowel movement. Two, apply cream after each cleaning to prevent diaper rashes. In fact, ointment with zinc oxide is pretty much perfect. Three, make sure that you allow your baby’s bottom to breathe by allow them to go diaper-free from time to time.

From baby handling to changing diapers, these parenting newborn tips are sure to take you from novice to skilled parent in no time. How about it, huh? Now, you know how to take care of your first little bundle of joy.

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