Cloth diapers for baby comfort

Those who have recently become parents and are unable to wrap their heads around what kind of diapers to buy for their kids, cloth diapers are usually the first advice. However there are different kinds of cloth diapers in the market and new mothers may get confused.

Here is a little help to tell you about the two different kinds of cloth diapers, the flat cloth diapers and the pre-fold diapers, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Flat diapers

These are the diapers which have been the favorite of mothers for generations. They may be most appropriately described as terry squares which may be folded in many different ways. The folds are very flexible and you can try many different kinds of folds to fit your baby most snugly. These kinds of cloth diapers are the most basic absorbent material and waterproof cloth diaper covers need to be wrapped over them.

These are the cheapest kind of diapers you would find on the market so it is a good idea to stock up on them. The cloth diaper covers need to be bought separately but since you save so much on these diapers buying the covers does not pinch your pockets.

Besides being cost effective they are also very baby friendly. Since the folds can be customized according to the contours of the baby, once it is fastened securely it does not open easily. So even if the baby wriggles it stays in its place. But you do need a lot of practice in the different kinds of folds to find the one you like the most and fit your baby the best.

Another advantage of this kind of diapers is that they dry easily since they are basically a single layered piece of cloth with a small fastening device. Earlier safety pins were used to fasten these kids of diapers. Now there are little stretchy devices with teeth like contraptions which fasten the cloth and hold the diaper in place.

The only real disadvantage of this kind of diaper is that they are very bulky as compared to the more expensive kinds. Clothes made for babies are usually made keeping disposable diapers in mind. However it should not be a difficulty if you dress your baby in roomy or stretchy clothes.

Pre-fold diapers

They are very similar to flat diapers only difference is that they have more layers of absorbent materials and they have a pre-stitched fold-line. It already has the wrapper attached to it so that the folds stay in their place. Here there are no hassles about the different folds since the fold lines are already made all you have to do is fasten it.

These kinds of diapers are also very cheap and can get you a right compromise between cost and convenience. However these kinds of diapers are less flexible that the flat diapers and thus more suited more a less mobile baby. If the baby moves too much or begins to crawl the pre-fold diapers tend to slip out of their place.

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