In the War on Head Lice, Waving the White Flag

In the War on Head Lice, Waving the White Flag
I thought of that birthing class roughly six years later, the first time my daughter got head lice. Nothing prepares you for the …. That eleventh hour parenting class was the last time you could get up and just walk the f— out the door. Phases 45 …
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Child led play – What I learned from a parenting workshop
Have you ever heard of child led play? When I first did, I thought to myself I am doing this with my child every time we play, but now I know I am not. This week I attended parenting classes, run by Linsey McNelis, an accredited Play Therapist …

Screaming on the Inside: My Adventures With Botox
I'd gone through a breakup, I was suffering from insomnia, I was parenting a toddler, and I'd gotten another year older. I wanted to try again. Maybe I hadn't done it right the first time, I reasoned. Maybe my timidity had kept me from getting the …
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Why Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Weight Confession Matters
(Photo: Instagram/Kim Kardashian). That said, the mom-to-be has embraced her bump during this pregnancy in a way she didn't when she was carrying North in 2013. “This time around, I know what I like — plus, I am confident and not trying to hide my bump.
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