Chrissy Tiegen's perfect comeback to unwanted pregnancy advice
“Don't feed your baby that dyed crap,” wrote one of Chrissy's 3.8 million followers. “I love you but don't eat this crap while pregnant,” added another. “It's beyond bad for baby and of course it's not organic.” Think cereal is bad? Check out these …
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Swimming Lessons For Baby Sharks, Practical Advice For New Lawyers
Any advice? A: Yes. Practicing law can sometimes feel like drinking from a fire hose if you will excuse the cliché. Managing time can be a challenge at all stages of practice. Feeling overwhelmed on occasion is normal. Over time, you will become more …
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Fantasy Football Week 9 Running Back Advice: Baby steps for Melvin Gordon
Each week during the 2015 season, we're going to take a look at five running-back-by committee (RBBC) situations that you should keep a close eye on. Some will have big questions, while others might be noted due to their circumstances becoming clearer.