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I am a fully qualified Associate Teacher with Mama Baby Bliss. I have two beautiful ‘babies’ of my own, a 7 year old daughter and a 9 year old son (they grow-up far too fast!). I am very excited and passionate about the benefits of Baby Massage and Baby Yoga and look forward to sharing many special memories being forged between parents and their babies in my classes. Sam x

February 25, 2021

New parenthood can be an overwhelming time for some.

Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck, like something is blocking you being able to get out more, get back to work, feel like your old self, launch a new business so you can be a stay at home parent ? Or perhaps being a stay at home parent for some time has knocked your confidence?

Maybe you are suffering with imposter syndrome, which is when a person thinks they are a fraud, when one doubts their own abilities, accomplishments and experience. This can sometimes happen when it’s time to return to work after maternity leave, when it’s time to leave your precious baby in the care of others.

  1. Are you stuck in cycles of negative thinking?
  2. Are fears and anxious thoughts clouding your day?
  3. Hormones all over the place?
  4. Weight issues getting you down?
  5. Feeling like you are not a good enough parent?
  6. Feelings of not being enough?
  7. Lacking in self worth?
  8. Not able to easily ask for help?
  9. Feel invisible?
  10. Are you feeling anxious and stressed especially at leaving your baby and returning to work?
  11. Suffering a lack of confidence?
  12. Feeling overwhelming fears or worries?
  13. Feeling low about lots of things?

If the answer is yes to any of those listed above, if any of that resonates with you, then please don’t be hard on yourself. We have a habit of placing high expectations on ourselves as new parents, that we wouldn’t put on others.

You can set yourself free and learn to love and accept yourself and when you do, life becomes much easier and happier.

If you want to get to the root of what is going on and feel empowered again, then a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Session really will help you.

A session or two of Rapid Transformational Therapy will help you overcome this way of thinking and get you feeling confident, calm, motivated and ready to step into your power.

21 Day Package Includes

  • Approx 2 hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Session
  • A Personalised relaxing healing empowering hypnosis recording where you will be given powerful positive suggestions and new beliefs personalised to you, which will leave you empowered and confident. This personalised transformational recording is to be listened to for 21 days following your RTT session and occasionally thereafter
  • 2 Check-up Support calls post session

(Available in Chester UK or any location Worldwide via Zoom Online. Please email to organise your free discovery call)

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